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Welcome to IndependentOwners.com!

We understand you will have questions before and after you register to advertise your holiday home free with IndependentOwners.com. The answers to the questions below will help you find the information you need before you register and there’s another FAQ section ready for you after you join!


Is the service really completely free?

Yes. Your IndependentOwners.com website is free of charge and always will be. We generate revenue through our sponsors and not our Members. There are no contracts and no catches. Read our testimonials to find out from existing Members how pleased there are with their websites.

I am very inexperienced when it comes to computers, will I be able to build my own website without any skills?

Yes. We have designed our website building solution with people exactly like you in mind! If you can cut and paste text in a Word document and attach a photograph to an email then you have the skills.

Why do you say you provide websites and not web pages or ads?

With IndependentOwners.com you are building your own website.
Web pages or adverts provide you with a limited amount of text and photographs with which to promote your rental property. To direct visitors to your webpage or advert you may need to provide them with a long website address, such as “www.propertiesforrentinspain.com/referenceid123456” which places it alongside 1000s of other adverts on the same website.
However, with your own professionally designed website you can showcase your accommodation with over 100 photographs and eleven pages of text - away from the competition!

How can I contact you with a question?

About 99% of all of your questions can be answered in these FAQs or the ones found within your Central Management Area once you have joined. We also provide you with simple step-by-step guides that make building and marketing your website simple! If you still have a question you can contact our Customer Support team who will endeavour to respond to you within 48 hours.

I have a website already that I am happy with, can I also build one with you?

Yes. But if you are happy with the look, layout and ease of editing of your existing website you should consider what the advantages are of having two websites. We provide several bolt-on products to help you target your marketing and optimise your website. These tools may not be available with your existing website but if they are then by having two websites you are simply printing two “leaflets” on the same topic.

What will you do with my email address and will you pass my email address on to other organisations?

Absolutely not. We will keep your email address confidential and will not pass it on to others. We will use your email address to send you updates and important information about your website.

Will I receive spam emails?

We will not send you spam and no third party can access your email address which is held in our database. Your email address is not visible to potential holiday renters; those enquiring about your property do so using a filtered contact form so they can only find out about your email address if you choose to reply to their enquiry. You can choose to add your email address to your website but we would advise against this as by doing so you are opening your inbox to spam email.

Will there be third party adverts on my website and if so how can I remove these from my website?

Yes. The adverts that appear on your website form part of our income but for just £24 per year they can be removed from your website.

Can I read testimonials from other Members before I register?

Yes. To read testimonials visit www.independentowners.com/testimonials

Do you take bookings on behalf of owners?

Once an enquirer has made contact with you, it's up to you to handle the booking.

Can I have more than one website?

Yes. Our Multi Property solution allows you to use just one email address giving you access to one convenient landing page from where you can create, copy and edit your multiple websites. You can also activate a drop down box on each page of your website to link to your other websites to showcase your portfolio of properties. Our Multi Property solution costs just £24 per year.

Who are www.VillasPeople.com and how are they related to IndependentOwners.com?

IndependentOwners.com and VillasPeople.com have partnered to provide an complimentary listing facility for IndependentOwners.com Members. VillasPeople.com is a listing site advertised all over the world and optimized by a dedicated team with the world’s leading Search Engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Once you have built your website you can list it on VillasPeople.com for free.

I own a Property Management Company, can I build websites for all my customers using your service?

Yes. You can add value to your own service by providing your customers with their own websites.

I have a property for sale, can I build one of your websites to help me sell it?

Yes. But please note that we are unable to change the text that refers to a rental enquiry on the Contact page of your website.

I have a small business not related to travel, can I build one of your websites to promote my business?

Yes. But please note that we are unable to change the text that refers to a rental enquiry on the Contact page of your website.

Building My Website

How long will it take me to build my website?

If you have information about your property prepared before you start then your site can be live in 30-60 minutes. Assemble the information about your property first as this will save you time later and then login to your management area and follow the step-by-step instructions as you upload text and pictures. Our Beginner’s Guide helps you add content page by page in an easy step-by-step style.

Is there a help guide for me to read for building my website?

Yes. Our Beginner’s Guide is essential reading to help you make your website look the best it can and at the same time learn how the text and structure of your website can help with Search Engine Optimization.

How many photographs can I upload to my website?

Photographs are an essential part of your website. They enable you to show potential guests around your holiday home and the right photographs can increase enquiries.  
You can include over 100 photographs to your website – more than enough to show visitors what you love about your property!

How do I add text and photographs to my website?

Once you have registered you will have access to your management area called your ‘Central Management Area’ or CMA for short. In your CMA there are text boxes for each page of your website and you simply type (or paste) straight in to these boxes and hit save. Photographs are uploaded in the same way that you would attach a photograph to an email; you add the photograph from the file where it is saved on your computer.

How many pages will my website have?

You can have up to 11 pages. Your Home, Details and Contact pages will always be displayed on your website but you can choose to display any or all of the other eight optional pages and these are Gallery, Pricing, Availability, Local info, Map, Weather, Travel and Guestbook.

Can I include links in the text of my website?

Yes. When entering text on your website you will see a button at the top of your text area called ‘Create a link’. To use, simply click and drag to highlight the words that you wish to link and then click the ‘Create a link’ button above. You will then be asked to provide the URL (website address) of the website you wish to link to.
We advise against adding an external link to the Home page of your website – you want to encourage visitors to explore the rest of your website and not leave when they get to the first page so save third party website links for the other pages of your website.
If you are a Property Management Company, please avoid including a link on your website to your corporate website – instead please contact us so we can discuss how we may be able to work together.

Can I show videos on my website?

Yes. Adding a video of your property is a great way of giving potential guests more to see from your website. You can include video on your website by adding a YouTube widget to your website. This means that your video will show a small ‘TV screen’ icon with a play button in the centre, just as you will have seen on other websites. Adding the widget is simple, you just need the YouTube URL to add to your website – don’t worry we can help you with this if you get stuck.

What domain name can I have?

As part of the IndependentOwners.com community your domain name will end in .iowners.net, for example www.yourname.iowners.net. Most of our Members choose a domain name that reflects the style and location of their rental property. Anyone typing in your domain name will go directly to your website. You can also change your domain name at any time.

Can I change my domain name?

Yes. After registration you can change your domain name as many times as you wish, as long as it has not already been taken by another Member. Remember, if you have already started to use your domain name to market your property then you will need to update this after any domain name changes.

Can I use or buy my own .com domain name?

Yes. You can buy your own unique .com domain with us as part of our Optimization solution. Once you have registered click the ‘My Optimization’ option in your Central Management Area for simple step by step instructions. If you already have your own .com domain name, you are still able to take advantage of the ‘My Optimization’ package. If you already have your own .com domain name please contact the Support Team who will help you to continue to use it with your IndependentOwners.com website.

Marketing My Website

Once I’ve build my website how will people find my website?

Your website domain name, or website address, is unique to you; you can use it in any and all forms of marketing that you currently use to promote your property, such as magazines, portal sites, newspapers, emails, friends and family etc. You can read our Marketing Guide before and after registration to find out more about how to market your website.
Activating your complimentary listing on www.VillasPeople.com will also generate interest in your website. VillasPeople.com is advertised all over the world and is optimised by a dedicated team with the world’s leading Search Engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Is there a help guide so I can find out more about how to market my website?

Yes. You can read our Marketing Guide before and after registration to find out more about how to market your website.

Can I find out where visitors to my website came from?

Yes. My Website Stats is our most popular subscription. You can see the number of visitor to your website and what website they came from plus much more. It costs £24 per year.

How can I optimize my website?

My Optimization is an optional paid-for service that we recommend to all our Members. Costing £48 per year, this solution provides you with a dotcom domain name plus regular SEO Reports and much more.

Can I show my website in languages other than English?

Yes. My Languages is an optional paid-for service costing £24 that we recommend to all Members who wish to market their website to non English speaking markets.