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Need a website for your rental property? We will do it for free. Really.

IndependentOwners™.com is a free website building solution for property owners worldwide. Our service is used by over 8000 owners around the world to boost their bookings. Creating a website about your holiday home can get your property, villa, condo or cottage onto where the potential renters are searching... Google and Yahoo. We will even show you how to get your web page on page one of these major Search Engines.


Why is it free?

At IndependentOwners™.com we generate revenue through our advertisers and sponsors. The success of our holiday property advertising service has attracted considerable interest from businesses seeking exposure directly into the holiday rental market. As a result, we are able to reinvest this revenue and continually improve our service to villa owners.

Choose design you love

Choose and switch between any design you like.IndependentOwners™.com solution allows members to choose from many different designs so that you may select a theme best suited to your rental property.

Manage your rentals

Availability calendar and more - helping you to manage your rentals

Domain and hosting

When registering for your  website you will be asked to choose a domain name of your choice. Learn more about choosing domain names here.

Customer service

We know that creating a website is no easy business - but we work hard to make sure it is. Our team will guide you if you’re feeling lost.

Pro features

While we provide our services free of charge and will continue to do so, there are some products we offer to gain that additional edge. By supporting us you are also helping this project grow and let us create even better services for your needs.

Marketing guide

Kickstart your rentals with this comprehensive marketing guide. While some of the things you have covered, we are sure even experienced renters will find something worth reading there.

Beginner guide

It is imperative that your website is the best it can be before you begin your marketing campaign. You wouldn’t present your property to a potential renter if it was unfinished or untidy and the same holds for your property rental website.