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Domain and hosting

No more of that technical stuff to worry about

When registering for your  website you will be asked to choose a domain name of your choice. All initial domain names will have a (.iowners.net) end to them, so for example www.myvilla.iowners.net. Once in your management area you will be free to change this address as many times as you please at no cost.

Already have a domain or want a .com?

If you already have your own domain name or would prefer to purchase a .com or maybe a .co.uk, then our Customer Service team will guide you on how best to do this, as it is something we recommend all of our members do once their website is built and ready for Google, Yahoo! and the rest of the world to see.


Your website will be hosted in our datacenter which means you do not have to worry about costs and management of those. All you have to worry about is the content and advertising of your website.