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Why is it free?

A quick explanation of why it works

Advertise your holiday property for free

At IndependentOwners™.com we generate revenue through our advertisers and sponsors. The success of our holiday property advertising service has attracted considerable interest from businesses seeking exposure directly into the holiday rental market. As a result, we are able to reinvest this revenue and continually improve our service to villa owners.

Paid for extras! also receives income from a number of optional paid-for-services offered to you, the owner, to aid with the marketing of your site, which in turn generate those all important enquiries. Services such as visitor statistic packages, Optimization solutions and multilingual options are available to all Members. 

'If it’s free it can’t be any good!'

For the most part we agree with the above statement. If a company in the holiday home marketing industry is offering their service for free, then how do they generate enough revenue to invest in their own product and to market their name to a global audience? The answer is they can’t! This however does not apply to IndependentOwners™.com, as the revenues generated by OUR advertising and bolt-on extras have compensated for the lack of an annual subscription fee very successfully for a number of years now, which means we are still ofer our service  free of charge.

Thousands of Members can’t be wrong!

We have always believed that owners should not have to pay upfront fees or a commission to promote their holiday rental property online. A few years on we still advocate that belief and continue to offer a professional solution backed up by good customer service. The quality of our service consistently attracts interest from potential partners and third party suppliers enabling us to maintain and improve the Member experience for free. Our business is here to stay and we are delighted to be creating a community of holiday home owners all benefiting from our complimentary online service.